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How to Choose the Healthiest Cereal

Millions of people have cereal for breakfast every day. It is supposed to be nutritious and to give you the energy to go through the day. But how do you know whether it is really healthy and beneficial? Use some practical advice on how to select the healthiest cereal for you and your family.

Less Sugar Is Better

It is certainly beneficial to get a little bit of sugar in the morning as it gives you energy to start the day. However, too much sugar is bad for your teeth, for your weight and for your health as a whole. That is why you should be extra careful about this ingredient when searching for the healthiest cereal.

bowl of cerealCheck the grams of sugar per serving and calculate the percentage of sugar in each serving as well. The latter is essential since 10 grams may not seem a lot but when the serving is 30 grams the sugar corresponds to one third of all nutrients which you will get. The lower the percentage is the better. Experts recommend that you avoid the products which have over 4 grams of sugar per serving.

You should watch out for substitutes of sugar such as sugar alcohols which are not healthy. The alcohols in particular can cause digestion problems and great discomfort. In general, if you are not familiar with an ingredient listed on the box it is best to check it up online to confirm that it is healthy and that it does not add extra calories to the serving.

Look for Whole Grains

Whole grains are much healthier than refined grains. They bring healthy carbs and protein to your diet and have a good amount of fiber. When reading the label of a cereal, you should look for whole-grain wheat and whole-grain oats. These should be among the first two or three ingredients on the list. This shows that they are in abundance at least when compared to the other ingredients. Just like with sugar, you should calculate the percentage of whole grains which you will get with each serving. The higher this percentage is the better.

Get Dietary Fiber

This is one of the healthiest compounds that you can get with your cereal. Even though it is not actually digested, it helps to keep cholesterol and blood glucose under control and to keep the digestive system in good condition. It helps to protect you from heart disease, diabetes and gastrointestinal conditions.

The best sources of dietary fiber included in cereals are bran and nuts. Oat and soy fiber may have healthy benefits, but they have not been fully confirmed yet. That is why you should look primarily for the first two ingredients mentioned here. You should try to get at least 3 grams of dietary fiber per serving.

Be Careful with Dried Fruits

The dried fruits in cereals bring a variety of beneficial vitamins and minerals so they are definitely great ingredients to have. The problem is that some manufacturers just add dye, flavoring and cent to jelly and add it to the box presenting it for fruit. The best way to avoid falling into this strap is to compare dried fruits from the box to ones that you buy in the local market. If there is noticeable difference in the texture and taste then the fruits in the cereal are not genuine. Alternatively, you can buy cereal and dried fruits separately and mix them together for breakfast.

Finally, when you choose the healthiest cereal, you need to pair it with the healthiest milk for the most nutritious and beneficial breakfast. Choose low-fat milk without any added ingredients. Almond milk is a suitable option for vegetarians and vegans.

The Top 10 Super Foods

What are superfoods and why are they important? These are foods which bring a wide variety of health benefits via the nutrients which they contain without increasing your calorie intake and consumption of fat and sugar which are bad for you. Basically, they make you strong, healthy, full of energy and much happier as well. Check out the best of the best foods which you must include in your diet. Keep in mind that they are all important and that the numbers are just for clarity.

10. Beans

This is one of the top superfoods because it is rich in various healthy nutrients including protein, potassium and magnesium. Beans help to keep your heart healthy and to prevent cholesterol increase. They are good for the muscles, bones and joints as well. They help you fell full for longer so they are great for people trying to lose weight. They give you a good amount of energy too.

9. Salmon

This fatty fish is undoubtedly the best source of omega-3 fatty acids and this automatically makes it one of the top superfoods. These compounds help to prevent inflammation and to keep cholesterol levels low. They are essential for heart health and mental health. They are good for the nervous system and can help to prevent serious diseases. The omega-3 fatty acids are attributed anti-cancer properties as well. When you eat salmon, you will enjoy better mood and better concentration as well.

8. Cocoa

This one of the superfoods is rich in flavonoids. These are powerful antioxidants which are good for all organs and systems of the body and especially for the heart and the brain. They keep your blood vessels elastic and regulate blood pressure. You can buy cocoa powder or dark chocolate with little sugar and cocoa content of 70% of higher.

7. Yogurt

This dairy product is not only one of the best sources of calcium, which is essential for the musculoskeletal system. It is also rich in probiotics which keep the digestive system in good condition and help to boost the immunity and to prevent various diseases. Just make sure that you pick sugar-free low-fat yogurt.

6. Eggs

Eggs contain the natural protein with highest nutritional value so they give you energy and keep your muscles toned and in good condition. They are an excellent source of vitamin B12 which is essential for the functioning of the brain and other organs of the body. When they are cooked with little or no oil, they are not bad for your cholesterol.

5. Spinach

This one of the superfoods is a superb source of vitamins C, A and K and of iron and calcium as well. It makes your bones stronger and boosts your immunity. It offers potent antioxidant protection. It gives you healthy skin and hair for fabulous looks.

4. Garlic

Garlic is packed with potent antioxidants and does a superb job in boosting the immunity. It can protect you effectively from cold and from the flu. It stimulates weight loss as well. It is natural anticoagulant and this makes it one of the best foods for heart health. It can literally save your life.

3. Walnuts

These nuts give you dietary fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and amino acids. They improve your heart health in more ways than one and protect you from the harmful effects of the environment. They boost mental focus and clarity and the mood as well.

2. Quinoa
This is considered to be one of the best whole grains that you can possibly find. Its protein and fiber protect you from heart disease and diabetes. It contains vitamin E and zinc which protect your skin and keep it healthy. It is invaluable for weight loss.

1. Berries

These small and delicious fruits are the best natural sources of antioxidants. They provide protection from heart disease and diabetes and may lower your risk of cancer. They give you good vision and help to fight bacterial infections. They aid weight loss.